Inside every problem, lies opportunity

The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity/ The optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty

Winston Churchill
James sanders

About James

James Sanders began his working life in the City many years ago. Today an avid and enthusiastic investor in innovative companies and projects, James is also Managing Director of London Diamonds.

Business interests include investing primarily in sectors such as AI, cryptocurrency and technology. Alternative asset classes such as gold, property and diamonds and also come into the mix of investment projects.
“I believe that we live in truly interesting times and that there are more opportunities available than ever before – for those willing to take them,” says James. “I look for exciting projects and businesses to support.”

James Sanders: Investor

We live in extremely interesting times and I believe there are more opportunities for the bold than there ever has been. For me, those lie in seeking out exciting new opportunities in gaming, AI and all kinds of alternative assets including, but not limited to, Bitcoin and gold. I look for innovative, exciting and disruptive businesses in which to invest. 

James Sanders: London based artist

Over the past decade or so, I’ve been working on my drawing and painting. My work tends towards contemporary hyper-realism and appears in several London-based galleries. Demand for my art appears to be increasing, which is extremely rewarding. 

James Sanders: Managing Director of London Diamonds

London Diamonds was founded to disrupt the traditional jewellery industry. By working with designers, buyers and diamond experts from around the world, we offer clarity for customers. There is no traditional sales pitch or crazy mark-up on inferior diamonds. Just a simple way of sourcing the most beautiful, unique pieces without the smoke and mirrors generally associated with buying and selling diamonds. 

James Sanders: Philanthropist

I’m an active supporter of a number of animal charities dedicated to training rescue dogs to improve the lives of people with various medical conditions.

James Sanders: Career and life

Having started my career in the City, a route that led to the establishment of what became the largest independent derivatives brokerage in the UK, I left city trading in 2009.

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