James sanders - art

James Sanders | Art

I entered my first art competition in 1986, it was organised by my local newspaper, The Welwyn and Hatfield Times. The brief was to design a poster to persuade the public to refrain from putting sharp objects inside their rubbish bags, as bin men were getting injured at the time. My poster was titled ‘Wrap it up’ and it won, my mother still has it displayed in her home. More importantly, first prize was a Cadburys ‘Mega Selection’.

​I am not classically trained but I have been hugely influenced by the fantastic Linda Bennion at Queensgate Studios in Kensington, London. It was under her careful and expert eye that I learnt to undo many of my bad habits. I undertake a limited number of commissions each year and donate any fees to charities which support the rehabilitation of young people in London. If it makes even a tiny difference to one person, then it was worthwhile.

My work is mostly in oils or acrylics and my focus is on hyper realism and portraiture generally, with a few exceptions. For more information or to discuss a commission, please contact me.