How luxury brands excel at customer service

James Sanders London

Luxury brands are recognised for the quality of their products and services and the high level of customer service they provide. Luxury brands serve an audience that expects the best of the best. This market strives to raise the bar and meet the demands of its customers. As businesses of all sizes now face new challenges, everyone must provide a new level of customer experience to stand out and survive.

Founder of London Diamonds James Sanders looks at how luxury brands excel at customer service and how developments in technology have helped drive new ways of providing that service.

Luxury brands have always had the ability to provide a high level customer experience and the resources to adapt where necessary. Still, lots of businesses struggled under the pressure and challenges faced during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Gone are the days that businesses have to spend a small fortune developing one-to-one relationships with clients. There is now a more cost effective method known as the Omni approach, which utilises the latest technology to provide an in-store global experience right from the comfort of home, the office or pretty much anywhere.

Taking this approach to serve customers pre-sale, during the sale and post-sale helps to respond to customer questions in real time and manage expectations. This multi pronged approach enables businesses to build trust, loyalty, and client retention via instant messaging, email, telephone, and online video consultations.

Virtual consultations are now an integral part of the customer experience.

Today, customers expect to communicate with a brand in a way that is accessible and convenient to them. Providing several customer service communication options (but not too many) is the best way to give the customer a positive experience. Using online AI and data analysis helps brands deliver the products and services every customer wants.

Luxury brands provide a higher level of personalisation and attention to match the clients’ needs, which sets the luxury market apart. Providing personalised recommendations and engaging experiences can give a competitive advantage for those willing to invest in these digital services.

Accommodating the wants and desires of a customer are what luxury brands have always done well.

By effectively communicating with the customer via online forms, email marketing and online consultations, obtaining their consent enables brands to create a deeper connection and provide a more tailored service.

London Diamonds uses an online first approach to reach a global audience whilst providing exceptional customer service using the latest technology. Using advanced technology like the 3D design and videos provides a richer and still immersive experience for the customer.

Luxury brands exceed expectations by giving that little bit more.

Offering a bespoke service helps customers get exactly what they want and provides great insight into consumer trends and desired designs.

Providing a bespoke service is a great way to connect with clients on a personal level. Working one to one with a customer creates a feeling of luxury in itself. Helping clients to feel valued creates greater value in a product or service. Whether they buy bespoke diamonds or a luxury handbag, this attention to detail and experience should be standard and without the hefty price tag.

As consumers become more socially and environmentally aware, many brands are considering what luxury means and if their products are seen as part of the solution or the problem.

Providing a higher level of customer service, brands can better understand what is important to clients regarding sustainability and eco credentials; this information can help separate a brand from the competition and increase trust and desirability.

Going above and beyond is what sets the luxury goods market apart. The ability to respond to changes in the market and embrace new technologies will help businesses regain their pre-pandemic position and emerge stronger than ever.

Regardless of the type of business, bespoke diamond rings, luxury or otherwise, customer service must focus on positive online customer reviews and sustainable growth.

James Sanders is an artist, FinTech investor, philanthropist and MD of London Diamonds, a bespoke diamond company without inflated prices.

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