The Colourful World of Diamonds: An Insight by James Sanders

The allure of diamonds has always been in their sparkling brilliance and captivating beauty. But what truly sets them apart is the fascinating range of colours they can exhibit. James Sanders, a prominent name in the London diamond market and Managing Director of London Diamonds, dives deep into the intricacies of diamond colour.

Understanding Diamond Structure

James Sanders often reiterates how the basic structure of diamonds – crystal lattices of carbon atoms – is integral to their allure. Every diamond that graces the London Diamonds collection reflects a meticulous selection process that values both brilliance and hue.

The Influence of Nitrogen

In the traditional jewellery industry, the yellow hue in many diamonds is often linked to the presence of nitrogen. As the London Diamonds team often educates their clientele, when nitrogen atoms replace carbon atoms in a diamond’s structure, they absorb blue light, rendering a yellowish tint to the stone. Naturally mined diamonds with a pronounced yellow colour, for example, have a higher concentration of nitrogen.

The Rarity of Blue: Boron’s Role

Contrary to popular belief, not all diamonds are colourless or yellow. London Diamonds sources some of the rarest blue diamonds, their colour owed to the presence of boron. James Sanders and his team are particularly keen on these stones, given how boron impurities render a mesmerising blue hue, absorbing yellow light in the process.

Craftsmanship in the Luxury Sector: Perfecting the Hue

James acknowledges the role of craftsmanship in enhancing diamond colours. While natural diamonds have their unique charm, advancements in the diamond market, and the growing demand for lab grown diamonds, have allowed for colour treatments, further broadening the spectrum of available hues. This blend of nature and artistry is especially evident in bespoke jewellery pieces, where the diamond’s colour can be chosen and enhanced to fit personal preferences.

Navigating the Natural vs. Lab-Grown Debate with Expert Advice

The rise of lab grown diamonds, and falling demand for natural diamonds, has reshaped the UK market. James recognises the potential of lab diamonds. While the traditional retail landscape has been hesitant to embrace lab grown stones fully, James Sanders and the London Diamonds team have embraced lab diamonds exclusively. Providing options for customers who prioritise sustainability and ethical sourcing.

Conclusion: A Glimpse into the Future with James Sanders

The diamond industry, with its mix of tradition and innovation, stands at a pivotal point. London Diamonds, with its commitment to providing lab-grown diamonds, aims to redefine luxury categories in the industry. For James, the heart of the business lies in ensuring customers respond positively to their offerings, be it a diamond engagement ring that symbolises an important life purchase or bespoke pieces tailored to individual tastes. As the luxury market evolves, James Sanders and his London Diamonds team continue to carve a niche, ensuring their clients get the best, always.