Understanding Diamond Settings: Insights from James Sanders London Diamonds

Selecting the right diamond jewelry involves more than just the stone itself; the setting also plays a significant role. James Sanders London Diamonds, known for their quality craftsmanship, sheds light on popular metal choices for diamond settings, including silver, platinum, and white gold.

Silver: A Traditional Choice

Silver has long been a choice for jewelry, favored for its classic look. James Sanders of London Diamonds notes, “Silver settings provide a simple yet elegant backdrop for the diamond.” Suitable for those who prefer a more understated style, silver is a good match for diamonds, especially in designs that draw from the past.

Platinum: Durable and Rare

Platinum is valued in jewelry for its rarity and strength. “Platinum enhances the diamond’s appearance due to its naturally white color,” explains James Sanders. London Diamonds often suggests platinum for significant pieces like engagement rings because of its ability to securely hold diamonds.

White Gold: Contemporary and Versatile

White gold, made from gold and white metals like palladium or silver and coated with rhodium, is a popular modern choice. According to James Sanders, white gold suits various styles and offers a contemporary look, all while being more budget-conscious than platinum.

Metal Choice in Diamond Settings

The metal used can affect the diamond jewelry’s overall look. James Sanders recommends considering personal style, lifestyle, and budget when choosing a setting. “Each metal has its qualities. At James Sanders London Diamonds, we guide our clients to a setting that complements the diamond and suits their preferences,” he states.

Care and Maintenance

Different metals require different care routines. James Sanders and the London Diamonds team offer advice on maintaining these metals. Silver may need regular polishing, while platinum is more wear-resistant but can develop a patina over time.


The metal in a diamond setting is crucial to the piece’s overall aesthetic. From the understated elegance of silver and the durability of platinum to the versatility of white gold, each material contributes to the jewelry’s character. James Sanders London Diamonds specializes in creating pieces that harmonize these metals with their diamonds, ensuring each piece is both beautiful and enduring. Choosing the right setting is key to enhancing your diamond’s beauty and ensuring longevity.

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