About James Sanders - London Based Entrepreneur

James Sanders began his working life in the City many years ago. Today an avid and enthusiastic investor in innovative companies and projects, James is also Managing Director of London Diamonds.

Business interests include investing primarily in sectors such as AI, cryptocurrency and technology. Alternative asset classes such as gold, property and diamonds and also come into the mix of investment projects.
“I believe that we live in truly interesting times and that there are more opportunities available than ever before – for those willing to take them,” says James. “I look for exciting projects and businesses to support.”

James Sanders London-based businesses and philanthropic work

Swapping higher education for learning the basics of trading, James Sanders has never been one for the traditional. This led to success in the City at a relatively young age, culminating in his business growing to become the biggest independent derivatives broker in the country.

Having left the City in 2009, James turned his attention to entrepreneurship, art, and investment. Over the last ten years he has been working on his art, developing a style that is now getting attention from various London galleries. He says: “My work is generally hyper-realistic and energetic. I’m really pleased that there is a growing demand for my pieces – it’s an aspect of my life that I intend to continue working on.”

A non-traditional businessman with active interests in different sectors

James launched London Diamonds to capture part of the £8.3 billion global market in engagement rings. The company specialises in bespoke engagement rings and offers the finest quality jewels to consumers in an innovative way. By cutting out the middle man and the traditional jeweller’s mark-ups, London Diamond produces super high-quality jewellery at a fair price.
The company’s customer base has grown organically through Instagram and consumer reviews. “We don’t rely on advertising,” says James. “Our clients do the talking for us – and their feedback is all that matters.”

This approach is typical of James’ career. Innovative, disruptive and out of the ordinary – his unique take on business pays off.